25 of US …25 *2 of US never ending about US

This is 25 . 25 is number…and maybe people have memories with it. I love my man 😘. I love everything on him. Negative or positive on him,   I know about him. When he takes my hand and hold until now… I believe he loves me. He never told on wall or his posting. He is different with me.

But I love him because he is different with me. If we are same I think it is not good to be…

When I know his habbit…I know, I will see more and more , day by day…

25 is the odd number. 25 th anniversary on marriage in this time I think very difficult. It is not easy to be…
Happiness, Sadness, and etc will come one by one to ourselves…
Happy 25 my man…hold my hand until I am stop breathing…

I know I am as Eve and you are Adam…We will belong together on one body that call family


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