Hi All,

I am Anastasia Su…this is my actress name at my blog :)… Hoho…this my first post about food 😍. I love eat with my fiancé and take a picture.

Narcissism? Maybe YES but I don’t care because I was very happy to took a picture and ate….

9 January 2015, I and my fiancé went to festival city link to looking something… When we already finished..,I said to him ” I want to eat something..” And I saw sugarush…

” Sugarush…sugarush…” Feeling exicted… 😍😘 …We Chosen a private place ( far from somebody whose smoking, very very hate)

We chosen 3 menus :

Baked Pancake Almond Caramel


Review :

Almond was ver crispy,yummy, happy tongues and tummies…

Pizza Sugarush


Thin, cheezyy, melted,8 slices, happy tongues and tummies

Nutella Milkshake


Hmmmm….the peanut I thought makes nutela gone 😦 so,..soo…

This is my review about sugarush, thx to read my food porn article😎


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