Last Year 2014

In this last year, my family got accident. My aunty who is the mother like mother teresa still sicks because the accident. Motorcycle driver wasn’t carefully! Oke, classic problem used phonecell for SMS.

So, so …trouble is you ! Young boy !
I always pray hopefully my aunty going healthy. My mother and my youngest aunty,yesterday went to my born place. Yeah she is there.

Hmmm…why I told you guys about my aunty accident. Honestly, I am very very very hate with Stupid motorcycle driver!!!
2 years ago my father passed away because of him ! Deep scar for my heart and everything to be chaos about that! And then the driver only said I don’t have money so I cannot care your father….
So, I believe karma police, hopefully you will get the damn samething like me. What will you feel stupid driver?

Oke, but I keep thanksgiving to God, because my aunty keep alive until right now,sorry aunty I can’t see you right now but as you know I always love and pray for you. I hope you can active again as usuall.

And then for all stupid driver, motorcyles or cars. PLEASE AWARE WITH YOUR ENVIRONMENT !!!!

I hope all of you guys could understand hows your feel if you are missing important person at your life !!!

Thank you to read my article. And for all Happy last year 2014 …hopefully,next year will be great year!!!



Home is a place that you will create everything with your family…So, don’t go far away from your home.
         Home is only one in your heart


          Warm Regards,

         Anastasia Su


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