My Xmas Present

Hello Jesus Christ πŸ™‚

I know in heaven internet is not available. But I know, your blessing through out for human being. So thats why, human could create internet. Thank you God in this year, me and my family can celebrate your diesnatalis.

When my pastor at my church said “Jesus Christ , he wasn’t born at 25 December but all of Christian in the world celebrate your birthday at 25 December. It doesn’t matter, I always believe in you.

God, I really appreciated πŸ™‚ because of my family always support me, when I was at my darkness side, they always stayed with me.
You have been given me “The Man”, I think you always know what kinds of man that I have wanted.

Really simple but it is so difficult if you don’t help me to looking for the guy.
I only want one and you have been given me. He always protect me, support me,make me more and more love you, and make me more mature. God thank you this is my second time of xmas with him, his family and my family.

I just said many thanks God…I want to ask you please give me the other xmas with him,my family,and his family. It is enough makes me thanksful…and always…




Anastasia Su
Your Child of JC


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