Our Business

God, thank you to everything :). You give me healthier.

This is my precious one :). Because I could continue our business.

I remember, when I am starting this business. Many persons didn’t like or bully my product. He or she said “Thya ini keripik apaan kok rasanya manis gurih gini. Aku ga suka yang kaya gini.”

In the beginning,it is very hard to do. But I believe our business will be better time by time.

And it’s true btw. I don’t know why? But The Father of Heaven give me my guardian angel man :3.

He always support us, me and my mom especially, to bring our dream to be come true :). That’s why I always love him more and more ;).

He is everything for me.We are promise for through everything when I am ill, or happy. We also together. Because we are learning together to build healthy relationship 🙂

I love him because he doesn’t worries about money or about my financial. He often say we don’t find that, but it will find us :).

God thank you to our business :). Give your bless, health, and wise to us…

Your Stupid Daughter,

Anastasia S

You can see our fb page : http://www.facebook.com/KeripikNyong


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