Hello Dad How Are You in Heaven?

Since 2 years ago, I have been lived without you dad. It is so many experiences,and tragedies you never know… I think so :).

But don’t worry Dady :). We always right in this place that always you call HOME….

Sometimes, I miss your laugh and your mainstream sentences “Ari dompet bapa dimana nya?” OR “Bapa hayang kue ultah jeung lilin nya”.

Oh God, truly :). When somebody left you so many “thing” also “miss”. It’s naturally.

But Daddy I want to share to you. If in heaven you have a laptop without charger I think :p. You could see what kind of my blog’s article here.

Since 1,3 years we have a new business :). Your wife is talented…Did you know about potatoes chip with secret ingredients that she has, Dad!

It grows up 🙂 and you send me a man to replace your position to protect me ;). Thank you dad!

Your youngest daughter is always smart in her studies :). She went to Japan to “arubaito!”. I think you don’t understand what it words :p.

She grows up with a lot of talents that she has had dad!

She is always cooking in the sparetime after she comes back from collage….and she always has a great IPK with 3.9 Dad !!!! She will cumlaude(I forget how to write that word) Dad…hehehehe…

And She will go to Japan again to work…it’s so amazing dad!
You can’t see directly but I believe you know about all of us….

When you pass away, I always thinking how can we? But Know I believe we can through the rocky mountain dad…

I have a lot of new experiences also dad :). Know, I have a new skill “selling”,”marketing”….

I am learning a lot Dad in my life :). Oh ya…maybe in 2 years later I will getting married dad !

Please protect us (me and my candidate husband). I only have one candidate…absolutely. Don’t panic like that (I imagine your face).

Dad, I miss you so…When everything flows with good result or bad result. I always try to “Menerima”.

And dad how are you dad? Do you feel alone?

Your Stupid daughter


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