Every Month with full Moon :)

This is our day with 3rd that I think the special number in my life.
Every month in our relationship always the moon shows in full.

I’m very very lucky because I can see to the sky and I always say “Thanks God you give me full moon in every month on third of the day”

I always smile because I believe for our relationship. I always trust my faithful man. He gives me the best that he ever had.

Thanks God for everything you gives me. Experiences, tough, pain, cheers,and his love.

Give me a power too God to always faithful for my faithful man. Naïve, every people will talk about us. But, I don’t care because it is our journey and I believe in you always and always God 🙂

Thank you for the third and full moon in this nite…

Thanks to Christ
Your Child in Sin


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